2015 „Social and Environmental Justice“ Twinning Reports

Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V./NABU & Lüling (Green Collar)

Dorothee Saar, Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V/Sönke Diesener NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V., Germany

Dong Jian, Lüling (Green Collar) – Tianjin Binhai Environmental Advisory Service Center, Tianjin

Dorothee Saar (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.), Sönke Diesener (NABU) and Dong Jian (Tianjin Binhai Environmental Advisory Service Center)  Air pollution is not only a serious issue in China but has an impact on the health of European citizens living in cities as well. It is essential for stakeholders to get together and discuss strategies to solve air quality problems. The DUH, NABU and TL aimed to make a first step by sharing their first-hand experiences, successes and their strategies to meet challenges in reducing air pollution.

Twinning Report DUH/NABU & Tianjin Lüling


Zero Waste Italy (ZWI) & Friends of Nature (FON)

Marta Ferri, Zero Waste Italy, Italy

Lin Youzhu, Friends of Nature, Beijing

Marta Ferri (Zero Waste Italy) and Lin Youzhu (Friends of Nature)  Both exchanging organizations ZWI and FON have been cooperating on a joint project focused on solid waste management in urban context, the spreading of sustainable strategies (Zero Waste) and practices, the rise of sustainable businesses and environmental education among population in both the Italian and Chinese context. Within the mentioned project we were aiming to investigate both problematic situations and actions toward sustainability, with focus on sustainable businesses as well as e-waste treatment.Twinning Report ZWI & FON

Marine Conservation Society, UK &

Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center, Shanghai

Dr. Laura Foster- Head of Pollution, Marine Conservation Society

Yi Ru, Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center

Dr. Laura Foster (Marine Conservation Society) and Yi RU (Shanghai Rendu Ocean Development Center) The Marine Conservation Society, UK and the Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center aimed at exchanging knowledge on how to manage marine debris effectively, with a focus on plastics from land based sources. With China currently being the biggest contributor to marine plastic in the oceans and a lot of UK waste being sent to China they wanted to obtain a better understanding of the challenges that NGOs in China and the UK are facing.Twinning Report MCS & Shanghai Rendu


Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica (FCASEC) &

Evergreen Center for SustainableDevelopment

Georgeta Mureanu, FCASEC, Romania

Li Fangfang, Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development, Beijing

Georgeta Mureanu (Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica) and Li Fangfang (Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development) The discrimination of the Roma who are widely considered unable to integrate into Romanian society is a huge problem in Romania. Especially children suffer from unequal chances of access at school or when entering work life. Similarly, a large number of children whose parents are migrant workers do not enjoy the same opportunities as their peers with urban hukou in Chinese cities. FCASEC and the Evergreen Center therefore exchanged on ideas and methods on how to integrate socially disadvantaged young people into society through environmental projects.

Twinning Report FCASEC & Evergreen


foodwaste.ch, Switzerland & Shanghai Green Oasis, Shanghai

Markus Hurschler, co-founder foodwaste.ch, Switzerland

Shi Jinwen, Shanghai Green Oasis, Shanghai

Shi Jinwen (Shanghai Green Oasis) and Markus Hurschler (Verein Foodwaste.ch) The unnecessary waste of food is a great challenge for both China and Switzerland. While alone in Shanghai an estimated 1’200 tons of food are destroyed every day, around 2,3m tons are thrown away in Switzerland every year along the entire food value chain. Wasting food is not only a waste of resources but bears many ethical questions, given that almost a billion people in China and Europe suffer from under- or malnourishment. Foodwaste.ch and Shanghai Green Oasis entered in this exchange in order to compare the challenges regarding food waste and other food related issues in their respective countries.Twinning report foodwaste.ch & Shanghai Green Oasis


A tip: tap e.V. & Eco-Watch Institute

Louisa Kistemaker, A tip: tap e.V., France/Germany

Xu Rui, Eco-Watch Institute, Kunming

Louisa Kistemaker (A tip: tap e.V.) and Xu Rui (Eco-Watch Institute) The two organizations’s joint project envisaged the examination of sustainable water consumption. Participants were to „spect-act“ in knowledge co-construction processes on water consumption in the European and Chinese context through theatre forum. Eliciting multiple perspectives by theatre forum, local narratives and mental maps were created contributing to local sustainability transitions. During the project’s stay in Europe the twinning team focused on drinking water and paradoxical consumption behavior while in China the links between climate change and drought, Yi cultures, irrigation and livelihood strategies were examined.Twinning Report A tip:tap


Zero Waste France & AIFEN 

Isabella di Blasio, Zero Waste France, France

Ma Xiaolu, AIFEN, Shanghai

Ma Xiaolu (Shanghai IFINE) and Isabella DiBlasio (Zero Waste France)

Ma Xiaolu (Shanghai IFINE) and Isabella DiBlasio (Zero Waste France)

The exchange between ZWF and AIFEN focused on the comparison of different systems of waste management and waste policies with the aim to enable both organizations to promote better solutions at the local or national levels and help them strengthen or renovate public awareness campaigns.

Twinning Report ZWF & AIFEN