Application Forms

Applications should ideally be submitted jointly by one European and one Chinese organization including a jointly developed proposal for a topic/project for the exchange. Please note that joint applications will be preferred to single applications.




Important: Please decide which of you will fill in the application form, you will then both receive confirmation emails according to the email addresses you provided in the form.

Joint application

For a joint application of a European and Chinese organization please  complete the application form below:

Joint Application


Application without Twinning partner:

If you would like to apply and do not yet have an exchange partner organization in the respective other region, please fill in the form for single application/request for twinning partner search (in English), research a number of possible candidates and add them to your application.

The organizers will then provide you with the contact details of suitable partner organizations. You will be asked to contact them and jointly work out and submit a joint application.

Single Application


Should the contact forms not work for you, please download the forms here:

Joint Application Form .docx

Single Application From .docx

After filling them, please convert into pdf and send your application to the following address:

For any questions please get in contact with us via the email adress above.