The tendering for the 2017 EU-China NGO Twinning Exchange Program is open. Apply now!

Please view our Call for Application for more information:



Extended Deadline for application:

Single Applications without Twinning partner: 5th of March 2017

Joint Applications: 18th of March 2017


Please use the following application forms:

(Please only use the Joint Application form if you already have a confirmed exchange partner! 请您,没有互换组织用SingleApplication)

Joint Application


Single Application


In a nutshell: The EU-China NGO Twinning program aims at establishing partnerships between Chinese and European civil society organizations working on a similar topic. One member of staff from each organization will be given the opportunity to work and study in the partner organization in the respective other region. The length of the exchange period can be decided by the organizations individually. The minimum period is 4 weeks, the maximum period 8 weeks.

For more information on the application, twinning partner and organizational issues please also view our FAQ.


Topics of Exchange

The program comprises many thematic areas for cooperation:

Social issues including Health, Labor and Migration, etc. and Environmental Justice issues like Climate Change and Low Carbon Development work. Exemplified by the areas of expertise of past exchange participants as seen here, or here


Exchange structure


  • The program is designed as a twinning exchange, i.e. two organizations working on similar thematic issues exchange a member of their staff. Participants will be able to work part time for their own organization during the exchange period
  • The length of the exchange period can be decided by the organizations individually. The minimum period is 4 weeks, the maximum period 8 weeks.
  • The exchange cost will be covered by a scholarship. It includes international return flight, visa, basic travel insurance and workshop participation as well as a living allowance for accommodation, local transport and daily expenses. The living allowance is 40 EUR per day; the total amount disbursed to each participant is calculated according to the number of days he or she spends abroad as part of the exchange.

Please make yourself familiar with the provisions for financial support and reimbursement procedures before submitting your application.

Please note: Each participating organization is asked to contribute a participation fee of 100 EUR or the equivalent in RMB. This is to ensure commitment to the program and to facilitate any unexpected activities that are not foreseen in the budget. This fee should be submitted within two weeks of confirming participation in the program.

The participants will be provided with

  • Exchange preparation
  • thematic trainings/capacity building seminars on topics relevant for their work, e.g. political and societal backgrounds of and civil society development in the respective region.




  • 1st of June to 31th of July 2017: Exchange period for Chinese participants in European partner organizations for a period of 4 – 8 weeks
  • Middle of June: 3-day thematic workshop in Germany (~15th – 22nd June, the workshop will be planned to facilitate participation at the C 20 meeting in Hamburg)
  • 1st of September to 31st of October 2017: Exchange period for European participants in Chinese partner organizations for a period of 4 – 8 weeks
  • Last week of September 2017: 3-day thematic workshop in China

Please note: Participation in both workshops is mandatory. Applying participants should therefore make sure they are available during the time period stated above.