International Expert Workshop

From 15 to 16 September 2016 the Ministry of Environment of Republic of Korea (ROK) holds a Workshop on “Toward the Establishment of the UNESCO Global Center for Research and Training on Internationally Designated Areas”. Round about 50 persons discussed core topics like the role and function of such a Center, the major programs and aimed to explore mutual cooperation and to create a network with international organizations. The Wadden Sea Office of WWF Germany, the World Heritage Programm and other international organizations were participant of this workshop.

Forum Theatre in Heifeng – A Follow-up Project

In 2016, Antoaneta from the BalkanKids Foundation and Zhilu from Lingnan Partner Community Support Centre worked together on sexual education not only during the EU-China Twinning program, but continued their successful cooperation also after the official program had ended. On both sides, the Chinese and Bulgarian partners were mutually inspired by the work of their partners. While Zhilu was particularly impressed by the variety of training opportunities offered and funded by the EU, the Bulgarian partners were keen to further deepen the communication with their Chinese peers. Thus, in summer 2017 Zhilu and Antoneta organized a follow-up training workshop for 20 Chinese volunteers, with the aim to teach them the methods of Forum Theatre with an accent on Creative  Leadership.

EU – China Twinning Program 2017 – A Twinning Diary

A Twinning Diary by Wang Han (Green Women, Shanghai) and Johanna Eichermüller (WECF, Munich)

This “Twinning Diary” is compiled by Han and Johanna. Hereby, we wanted to document our common journey through Europe (and later on through China), visiting conferences, events, partner organizations and project sites. We included little stories and of course many pictures.

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“The Mudflat is Connecting Worlds ” – twinners in the news

Our Twinners made the news

Under the title “The Mudflat is Connecting Worlds” two of the twinners 2017, Anja Szczesinski from WWF and Vivian Fu from Hong Kong Birdwatch Society, appeared in the July 14 issue of the Husumer News. In the article, Vivian and Anja reflect on their experiences made during the EU-China Twinning workshop, which took place in Hamburg this year. As it turns out, even though their workplaces lay almost 8000 km apart, the North Frisian mudflat and China’s yellow sea have a lot in common. Likewise, Anja and Vivian were excited about how much they could learn from each other, for instance in the field of bird census. Together, they are looking forward to a cooperative future and the next Twinning workshop, which will take place a few week from now, but this time in Sanya, China.

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EU-China NGO Twinning at C20 – A Capacity-Building Workshop in Hamburg 2017

What kind of world do we want to live in?

In a complex, organizational feat between VENRO and Stiftung Asienhaus and its’ partners, this year’s Capacity Building Workshop in Europe had been integrated and planned around the Civil Society 20 (C 20) in Hamburg.

Before the C20 summit started, the Twinning partners underwent three intensive days of team building, project refinement, intercultural training and capacity building. On Saturday the 17th of June, a series of talks on a range of topics from ‘The role of NGO’s on a global level’ to ‘Lobbying in Brussels from a NGO perspective’ were given to provide the twinners with additional input on the European NGO work. At the end of the day the European twinners also participated in an intercultural training workshop to prepare them for their Twinning in China, while the Chinese participants enjoyed a field trip to “Die Schlumper”, an organization working social inclusion and artistic development of disabled people.

EU-China NGO Twinning at the C20

As part of this year’s capacity building workshop, the 2017 twinners joined the over 300 international NGOs meeting at the C20 in Hamburg. Representatives of civil society organizations have been meeting and working on the demands to the G20 leaders which have been handed over in form of a communiqé to Chancellor Merkel on Monday 19th.

The Twinning organized one of many workshops during the C20, talking about Gender and Community based approaches to participatory water and energy management as well as investment and urban development plans along the Belt Road Initiative.

NDR report on C20 here

Full Twinning Report 2016

This full report on the fourth round of NGO exchange „2016 EU-China Twinning: Partnerships between European and Chinese NGOs” displays the results, synergies, and lessons learned during the EU-China NGO Twinning as well as the sustained cooperations and projects of last year’s participants. It presents the backgrounds and future perspectives of Sino-European civil society exchange and cooperation, in light of the new legal situation, as well as the on-site experiences of the Chinese and European NGO staff. You can download the report here