2018 “Climate Change and Low Carbon Development” Twinners

Chengdu Roots & Shoots (Chengdu)
Zöld Kör / Green Circle (Hungary)

Understanding how companies are taking action to reduce their greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, increase their resilience to both climate change and transition risks, and identifying areas for improvement by putting in perspective the experiences of China and the EU

In their partnership, I4CE and SEE are going to share knowledge and expertise on the climate regulatory framework for companies in the EU and in China concerning standards and regulations, climate disclosure requirements and other climate policies, as well as on climate-related initiatives by companies in China and in the EU which go beyond regulations. They are also going to identify ways to facilitate the integration of climate within companies’ strategies and to spread voluntary climate-friendly practices among businesses.

Sichuan Green Foundation (Sichuan)
Go Green (Macedonia)

China’s national carbon market, low carbon in cities, sustainable forest management, community-based projected area management

One major part of this project is to launch workshops related to China’s national carbon market in order to learn from each other’s practices on carbon footprint and compensation measures (SROI/CSR) and the advocacy work. The twinning organizations also look forward to cooperate in the Chengdu pilot project of low-carbon cities, as well as in the field of sustainable forest management in order to establish carbon sinks. Another common area is community-based protected area management, e.g. in context of resource management.

Shanghai International Shipping Institute (Shanghai)
European Federation of Transport & Environment (Belgium)

Air pollution from shipping, decarbonisation of shipping

The shared goal of the twinners is to reduce environmental, human health and climate impact of ship sourced emissions, notably CO2, CH4, SOx, NOx, PM and BC. In order to achieve this, both of them will offer extended access to each other’s network by organizing bilateral meetings. While SISI will mainly take advantage of its network of influential institutes around Shanghai, T&E will facilitate the understanding of SISI in the key regulatory areas of the EU.

Envirofriends (Beijing)
European Environmental Bureau (Belgium)

Industrial activities & the practical influence of environmental laws

Through their exchange the twinning organizations are going to learn more about industrial activities and their impact on the environment in Europe and China and how the laws work to regulate certain activities. They are also interested in working together with industry to improve the environmental performance of facilities as well as strategic litigation to protect the environment. In order to do so, they will spend time at a Chinese chemical plant as well as in EU-related networks.

Chengdu Roots & Shoots (Chengdu)
Zöld Kör / Green Circle (Hungary)

Comparing different systems of waste management, raising people’s awareness and advocate green policies

In this exchange program, the organizations will compare and analyze their different systems of waste management. Furthermore they will work with local communities and jointly start programs of environmental education for school and the public. In order to learn more about waste management in practice,  they are searching for dialogue with local people.