VIDEO: We have a lot of topics in common

VIDEO: We have a lot of topics in common

Watch now – our brand new film on the unique European-Chinese… Continue reading…

The EU-China Twinning Programme Explained on IAPS Dialogue

The EU-China Twinning Programme Explained on IAPS Dialogue

The IAPS Diaologue posted an article about our EU-China Twinning Programme… Continue reading…

VIDEO: Forum theatre as tool for sexual education

VIDEO: Forum theatre as tool for sexual education

With their great follow-up project in Hei Feng Antoaneta and Zhilu,… Continue reading…

VIDEO: EU-China Twinning Alumni Network Kick-off

VIDEO: EU-China Twinning Alumni Network Kick-off

A video documentation about the EU-China Twinning Alumni meeting in September… Continue reading…


The EU-China NGO Twinning is an exchange program for the staff of European and Chinese NGOs.

We believe that is it important to involve civil society in the process of growing European-Chinese relations and their impact on global social and ecological developments. We want to create positive, human-centered impact through exchange between China and Europe.

The Twinning program therefore sponsors a unique cooperation experience for civil society organizations from both regions.

By bringing European and Chinese NGOs together we encourage NGO partnerships and improve understan­ding of how civil society looks at the topics they are engaged with in different parts of the world.

"The whole program was a truly enriching experience from which we will all profit for a very long time – true to the spirit of sustainability!"
Florence Nick (Bund Heimat und Umwelt)
2016 Twinning Participant
"This exchange gave me the opportunity to get to know a world seemingly distant and different from the one I live in, but with the same dreams of change and with the same objectives."
Katiuscia Eroe (Legambiente)
2015 Twinning Participant

Program News

EU-China NGO Twinning at C20 – A Capacity-Building Workshop in Hamburg 2017
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EU-China NGO Twinning at the C20
As part of this year’s capacity building workshop, the 2017 twinners… Continue reading...
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Full Twinning Report 2016
This full report on the fourth round of NGO exchange „2016 EU-China… Continue reading...
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