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2018 Twinners Laotu and Naturland met in Shanghai

After their Chengdu Sharing Conference, our 2018 twinner organization Laotu organized another meeting in Shanghai on September 29th to share the highlights about their last Sichuan trip. The organization also wants to offer an international perspective, and continue to explore the development of ecological agriculture in China. Participant to this event is their partner organization Naturland e.V. represented by Marco Schlüter. Dinghaiqioa Co-operative Society, another organization taking part in our 2018 EU-China twinning program, will also be present at the event. They seized the opportunity to exchange on topics such as self-education, communities’ mutual aid and assistance as well as working methods and action paths to generate new social projects.

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Laotu & Naturland 2018

Laotu (Shenzhen)
Naturland (Germany)

Advancing sustainable agriculture by supporting farmers and educating consumers

The exchange will focus on getting to know each other’s work, exchanging best practices and potentially creating a network for further cooperation. Their goal is to support farmers and processors through policy work or providing marketing channels, as well as to connect the general public to the values of sustainable agriculture.