Environmental Scientific Society of Sichuan Province (ESSSP), China


Environmental Scientific Society of Sichuan Province (ESSSP) is a non-profit voluntary organization of environmental scientists, environmental engineering technicians, environmental educators, environmental managers, scientific industrialists and noted public figures supportively caring about environmental technologies, and the relevant groups in Sichuan Province. ESSSP is dedicated to the noble cause of environmental technology development. Founded in 1981, ESSSP is registered as the largest comprehensive technology organization in environmental sector of Sichuan Province. As a major force in the development of environmental technologies, it has been ranked amongst the Top Ten societies in Sichuan.

Franco-Chinese Association for Urban Sustainable Development AFCDUD, France


Franco-Chinese Association for Urban Sustainable Development AFCDUD, established in 2008 in France, is a nonprofit association supported by the French ministry MEEM (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy). AFCDUD aims to create and promote a platform of exchange and cooperation between France and China on the urban sustainable development issues: making the city more sustainable and more harmonious in the fields of Transport, Environment, Energy and Eco & Smart City. It has been bringing together more than 380 bicultural and professional members in these fields.

Exchange Topic: Green City, Resilient City, Urbanization, Climate Change, Waste Treatment, City CO2 Emissions

Exploring how technologies can contribute to urban resilience against climate change and various environmental impacts, with specific interests in holistic waste management and CO2 emissions monitoring in major cities of Europe and China.

Chongqing Renewable Energy Society, CRES, China


Founded in 2016, Chongqing Renewable Energy Society (CRES), is a professional renewable energy research society managed by the Chongqing Science and Technology Association. CRES devoted itself to policy research, academic exchange, technology promotion, consulting service and science popularizing in renewable energy area. Most of the members are companies from Chongqing’s electricity industry, factories of new energy facility manufactures, research institutes and major consumers of renewable energy.

EKOenergy, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Finland


EKOenergy is a network of environmental NGOs and an international, non-profit ecolabel for renewable energy. It promotes the use of renewable energy through forming partnerships worldwide. EKOenergy also supports renewable electricity projects worldwide through its Climate Fund. The ecolabel currently exists in 35 countries. The EKOenergy label is the only renewable energy label which is based upon an international consultation process, works internationally and is widely recognized.

Exchange Topic: Energy, Climate, Low Carbon

The organisations aim to inform consumers about green energy options and EKOenergy ecolabelled electrictity for carbon accounting, Corporate Social Responsibilty and marketing purposes.

The Green Volunteer League of Chongqing, China

The green volunteer league of Chongqing (CQGVL) is a grassroots environmental protection organization authorized by Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. Since established in 1995, CQGVL aims to promote green culture, green civilization and sustainable development. The organization pays much attention to social supervision of environmental protection, environmental legal services, social advocacy and efforts to safeguard social fairness and justice.

Legambiente, Italy

Legambiente is a non-profit association established in 1980. The aim of the association is to put the focus of development on the environmental culture. Important values for the association are the improvement of environmental quality, the fight against all forms of pollution, a wise use of natural resources and the construction of a more balanced relationship between human beings and the nature.

Exchange Topic: Water, Agriculture, Energy, Education

The focus is on two specific issues: “watershed protection in China and the EU” and “green ogistics in China and the EU”. During the exchange, the twinning partners will work on these two issues through taking part in different activities.

BlueRibbon Ocean Conservation Association, China

The BlueRibbon Ocean Conservation Association is a non-profit NGO dedicated to ocean education and awareness raising, marine debris clean-up, sustainable coastal development, coastal ecosystem conservation and the promotion of developing a non-governmental ocean conservation network in China. The association’s aim is to unite all stakeholders to protect the ocean.

Focus Association for Sustainable Development, Slovenia

The Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical association of individuals. Their vision is a society that lives a balanced life within environmental and social limits and does not undermine the existence of life on Earth. Focus’ work focuses on the following areas: climate change, energy, sustainable mobility, ethical consumption, environmental justice, and degrowth.

Exchange Topic: Energy, Climate, Low Carbon, Water

The exchange focuses on Environmental Justice, Environmental Conflicts, Energy Efficiency (EE), Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the Sustainable Development Goals

China Youth Climate Action Network, China

China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN) was established in August 2007 by seven outstanding youth organizations with the aim to combine their resources and strengths. As the first Chinese non-profit organization focusing on youth development under the issue of climate change, CYCAN aims to inspire and support young people to combat climate change and promote energy innovation through concrete and enduring action.

BUNDjugend Berlin, Germany

BUNDjugend Berlin (Young Friends of the Earth Berlin) is the youth organisation of BUND Berlin (Friends of the Earth), which is particularly addressing people under 27 years of age. Members independently plan campaigns, projects and actions and decide which issues they want to focus on – however, the emphasis is on climate change, mobility, city development and consumption. BUNDjugend Berlin believes in a peer-to-peer concept and grassroot structures in which young people take responsibility themselves, form their own opinions and inform other young people about environmental problems and motivate them to act.


Exchange Topic: Water, Urbanization, Climate, Education

The organisations will focus on climate change, air and water pollution, urbanization and international trade agreements.