Follow-Up Projects

To foster future joint cooperation, the Robert Bosch Foundation kindly supports specific Twinning follow-up projects, selected from alumni applications.  

The Capacity Building workshop for all participating fellows held at the initiation of the program serves not only as a strong starting base but also a real networking hub that provided extensive cross-fertilization.

The Twinning alumni network is also a growing source for specific background information and new collaborations. This is the very promising starting base for a Sino-European civil society network. It is astounding even to us to witness how broad and tightly tight the EU-China NGO networks have been spun, both during the exchange and beyond.

During the exchange period there will be two capacity building workshops in Europe and China with input from local experts on the issues of the exchanges.

The Twinners will also be provided with insights into European and Chinese civil society landscape or legislative processes, campaigning and intercultural communication training. Both workshops are also a valuable opportunity to network and discuss projects and experiences.


Four Twinners joining forces on a Follow Up Project

Four Twinners joining forces on a Follow Up Project

Georgeta Mureanu, Li Fangfang, Louisa Kistemaker, and Shi Shan worked altogether on a follow-up project. All four of them participated in our EU-China Twinning Program in 2015 and decided to continue the exchange beyond the Program. They organized a festival kaleidoscope on arts-based methods, non-formal education and sustainability. The organizations they represented were FCASEC (Romania), a tip: tap (Germany), Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development and Eco-Watch Institute (both from...

Forum Theatre in Heifeng – A Follow-up Project

In 2016, Antoaneta from the BalkanKids Foundation and Zhilu from Lingnan Partner Community Support Centre worked together on sexual education not only during the EU-China Twinning program, but continued their successful cooperation also after the official program had ended. On both sides, the Chinese and Bulgarian partners were mutually inspired by the work of their partners. While Zhilu was particularly impressed by the variety of training opportunities offered and funded by the EU, the...

Zero Waste Festival in France

Zero Waste Festival in France

Zero Waste France & AIFEN (Shanghai) – In July 2016 AIFEN job-shadowed the orgaization and implementation of Zero Waste France’s music festival to raise awareness of waste production.

International Coastal Cleanups

International Coastal Cleanups

Marine Conservation Society (UK) & Shanghai Rendu Ocean Development Center – the two formeTwinning partners will organize beach cleanups in both the UK and China and share their experience through social media.

A Visit in London, a Theatre Performance in Changcha and More

  Theatre performace in Changcha Chickenshed (London, UK) & Hunan Aimier (Changsha, China) - In July 2014 Chickenshed’s Dave Carey and Charlie Kemp visited Hunan Aimer again, staging a performance resulting from the Chickenshed/Aimier partnership. During their Twinning exchange in China they put together a ten-minute show with 9–11 year olds and, crucially, with mixed participation of children with and without disabilities. For Chickenshed, which works together with children of all...

Monitoring Green Credit Policies of Chinese Banks

Green Watershed (Yunnan, China) & Both ENDS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - The participation  in the Twinning program has led to an ongoing durable work relationship between both NGOs. Their joint work consists of monitoring and assessing green credit policies of Chinese banks and the social and environmental safeguards of the World Bank, the latter to make Chinese civil society part of an international CSO effort for stronger environmental and social policies and to achieve an upward...