Reducing the use of pesticides in Heininggou with the help of NGOs, Farmer Shaolan Zhang

Save our Seeds (Germany) & Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center (Kunming)


Within the framework of the international 2000m2 Project established by the Foundation on Future Farming (FFF) and following the 2015 Twinning exchange, PEAC joined the initiative to assist the village of Heinigou in reducing its pesticide use.The follow-up project will continue to support this development by organizing training sessions and exchanges among farmers, as well as by promoting the development of organic farmers’ cooperatives to support the market for eco-products.

FFF and PEAC are working on three reports with accompanying photo material to monitor the changes resulting from low-pesticide farming procedures. The reports will be published in English and Chinese and accompanied by a short video statement given by one of the participating farmers. The video will be posted as a teaser for the project on the organizations’ websites.