Twinner Testimonials

“My personal highlight was going beyond the cliché of China as a severely disciplined, restrictive country and seeing a welcoming and flourishing environment for business, NGO work and personal well-being.”

Antoaneta Pophlebarova

Twinning 2016, Balkan Kids Foundation

“The whole program was a truly enriching experience from which we will all profit for a very long time – true to the spirit of sustainability.”

Florence Nick

Twinning 2016, Bund Heimat und Umwelt

“This program connects people and nations, and helps us to develop many different methods for our work, thereby fostering our strengths.”

Yang Deng

Twinning 2016, Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production

“The workshop organized by Asienhaus was intensive but very informative and thought-provoking. It was a precious chance for me to get to know how civil society functions in Germany in different fields, and also a great time to share with other Chinese and European participants about our harvests and difficulties working in different environment and with different teammates.”

Chen Yu

Twinning 2013, Green Watershed

“I think there will be more opportunities for cooperation with European NGOs in the future. The exchange program is laying first steps for future joint projects, especially because you get to know potential cooperation partners on a personal level.”

Li Fangfang

Twinning 2015, Evergreen Center

“The exchange has opened the doors to information, contacts and knowledge how any future project in or with Chinese civil society actors will have to be designed. It has provided our team with the prospect of working internationally with colleagues in China – an idea formerly unknown to us”

Markus Hurschler

Twinning 2015,

“To involve the public is impossible without exchange and the building of networks.”

Mao Da

Twinning 2014, Nature University

“It’s amazing what kind of people you have gathered here. Why didn’t we think about exchange with China earlier? I cannot understand why there isn’t more exchange with European NGOs.”

Pieter Jansen

Twinning 2013, BothENDS

“This exchange gave me the opportunity to get to know a world seemingly distant and different from the one I live in, but with the same dreams of change and with the same objectives.”

Katiuscia Eroe

Twinning 2015, Legambiente