Twinning Fellows

2019 “Social and Environmental Justice” Twinners

Shanshui Conservation Center & BUND NRW

Shanshui Conservation Center (Beijing) Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz NRW (Germany) Climate change adaptation and environmental education Climate change is accepted to be a basic fact in most areas, while the impact varies from region to region. People with different...

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Laotu & Waldkindergarten Eichhörnchen

Luohu Social Innovation Center (Laotu) (Shenzhen) Waldkindergarten Eichhörnchen (Germany) Environmental education for children and community development We would like to exchange on the different methods and practices of environmental education, spe-cifically forest...

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2019 “Climate Change and Low Carbon Development” Twinners

Coshare Environment & Grüne Liga

Coshare Environment (Taiyuan) Grüne Liga (Germany) Water sustainability and environmental education With a common goal to abate the pressure of river ecology efficientely and promote water sustainability, both organizations would like to contribute to this goal...

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Greenovation Hub & Third Generation Environmentalism

Greenovation Hub (Beijing) Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) (UK) Green finance and climate change The project aims to mainstreaming the fact of climate change in socio-economic discourse, and to shape momentum around key moments of climate change which makes it...

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Laukai Conservation & Center for Environment

Laukai Conservation (Guangzhou) Center for Environment (CZZS) (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Water source protection Topics of exchange. About the Twinning organizationsLaukai Conservation, (Guangzhou) Laukai Conservation was founded in 2015 and is located in a small...

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SEE Foundation & Third Generation Environmentalism

SEE Foundation (Beijing) Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) (Germany) Low carbon development and climate change Both our organisations have a strong focus on climate change and low carbon development, especially on joining up international and local climate...

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China Green Carbon Foundation & Fern

China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) (Beijing) Fern (Belgium) Forest restauration and climate change Both of our organisations are working to promote forest restoration—China Green Carbon Foundation within China, and Fern within Europe as well as outside Europe...

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2018 “Social and Environmental Justice” Twinners

Laotu & Naturland 2018

Laotu (Shenzhen) Naturland (Germany) Advancing sustainable agriculture by supporting farmers and educating consumers The exchange will focus on getting to know each other’s work, exchanging best practices and potentially creating a network for further cooperation....

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Chengdu Storyteller & Forum Theater 2018

Chengdu Storyteller Social Work Service Center (Chengdu) Forum Theater Enschede (Netherlands) Support of marginalized groups, waste prevention, bringing people together The focus of their exchange lies in social justice and group building projects on a wide scale....

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2018 “Climate Change and Low Carbon Development” Twinners

Envirofriends & European Environmental Bureau 2018

Envirofriends (Beijing) European Environmental Bureau (Belgium) Industrial activities & the practical influence of environmental laws Through their exchange the twinning organizations are going to learn more about industrial activities and their impact on the...

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Chengdu Roots & Shoots & Zöld Kör / Green Circle 2018

Chengdu Roots & Shoots (Chengdu) Zöld Kör / Green Circle (Hungary) Comparing different systems of waste management, raising people’s awareness and advocate green policies In this exchange program, the organizations will compare and analyze their different systems...

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Sichuan Green Foundation & Go Green 2018

Sichuan Green Foundation (Sichuan) Go Green (Macedonia) China’s national carbon market, low carbon in cities, sustainable forest management, community-based projected area management One major part of this project is to launch workshops related to China’s national...

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2017 “Social and Environmental Justice” Twinners

Eco Canton (Guangzhou) & Zero Waste Europe (Belgium)

Eco Canton (Guangzhou) Zero Waste Europe (Belgium) Waste management Spreading the understanding that waste is only the tip of the iceberg of a number of environmental and social issues. Therefore work on waste issues means as well working on climate change, food...

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