Laotu (Shenzhen)

Naturland (Germany)

Advancing sustainable agriculture by supporting farmers and educating consumers

The exchange will focus on getting to know each other’s work, exchanging best practices and potentially creating a network for further cooperation. Their goal is to support farmers and processors through policy work or providing marketing channels, as well as to connect the general public to the values of sustainable agriculture.

About the Twinning organizations

Laotu, (Shenzhen)

Laotu is a social enterprise which was founded at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago and is now based in Shenzhen. Laotu promotes responsible consumption and a new sustainable development scheme for China and the world. Based on storytelling, it provides a platform for ecologically produced agricultural products to reach urban customers, and helps to connect rural and urban residents via ecotourism and educational programs.

Naturland, (Germany)

Naturland is a farmers’ association based in Germany that develops and implements ecological farming methods on a regional, national and global scale together with its partner organisations and farmers.  Founded in 1982 in Bavaria, it established a strong basis in the region before it extended its membership in whole Germany, Europe and even globally. With a total of 3,448 farms on more than 181,000 hectares, and 434 enterprises in other EU countries, it is one of the major international associations for organic agriculture worldwide.