Laukai Conservation (Guangzhou)

Center for Environment (CZZS) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Water source protection

Topics of exchange.

About the Twinning organizations

Laukai Conservation, (Guangzhou)

Laukai Conservation was founded in 2015 and is located in a small farming village in the outskirts of Guangzhou. We focus on the Laukai river of Guangzhou and also on educational programs to raise awareness about the rivers’ situation and sustainable livelihood among villagers and city dwellers from Guangzhou. We organize community activities, environmental education workshops for adults and children, workshops on sustainable farming and a community library. We also monitor the water quality and are constantly on the lookout for pollution and industrial waste leaks. Furthermore, we engage with other non-governmental and academic organizations around environmental and community work in the region and beyond and develop a network of alumni.

Center for Environment (CZZS), (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Center for Environment is an organization that is clearly focused on environmental issues since its founding and beginning of activity. It was founded in 1999, with the aim to influence and contribute to the improvement of the environment through its active and proactive actions.