China Electronics Standardization Association (CESA) (Beijing)

Powershift (Germany)

Corporate social responsibility and supply chain due diligence

CESA and PowerShift work on corporate social responsibility and due diligence in the supply chain from shared as well as different perspectives. During the exchange, CESA and PowerShift will gain a deep understanding of each others positions regarding these topics as well as exchange views on how to introduce due diligence to ministries/politics, companies, and the public.

About the Twinning organizations

China Electronics Standardization Association (CESA), (Beijing)

CESA is the only industrial association affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology – that has a full time CSR Committee – other associations (such as Internet Association, Telecom Association etc.) do not get full time CSR headcounts. CESA is dedicated to improve the wellbeing of Chinese Electronic Industry members and the CSR Committee has been dedicated to enhance member companies’ CSR performance. CESA has issued its Chinese version social compliance code of conduct, known as SJ-T 16000.

Powershift, (Germany)

PowerShift e.V. is a German NGO dealing with questions related to energy, climate, natural resources, trade and economic policies. We want to contribute to a change in global energy policy and economic relations by means of education, public relations, scientific research and political activities. In order to be more successful in this broad field we network with others. We are working on putting alternative concepts on the agenda globally. The challenges ahead are tremendous and we cannot cover each and every topic, but we are able to launch initiatives and developments bringing us closer to an eco-fair and solidaric society.