Sichuan Green Foundation (Sichuan)

Go Green (Macedonia)

China’s national carbon market, low carbon in cities, sustainable forest management, community-based projected area management

One major part of this project is to launch workshops related to China’s national carbon market in order to learn from each other’s practices on carbon footprint and compensation measures (SROI/CSR) and the advocacy work. The twinning organizations also look forward to cooperate in the Chengdu pilot project of low-carbon cities, as well as in the field of sustainable forest management in order to establish carbon sinks. Another common area is community-based protected area management, e.g. in context of resource management.

About the Twinning organizations

Sichuan Green Foundation, Sichuan

Sichuan Green Foundation is founded with the intention to make non-government resources converge for ecological public welfare. It focuses on increasing greening area and improving forest quality to face climate change and to improve ecosystem service functions by scientifically planned programs and innovative mechanism. SGF concerns about living environment by impelling green infrastructure and advocating human-environment interactions. It engages on scientific based forest management, eco-system restoration, green infrastructure and environmental education for public.

Go Green, Macedonia

Go Green’s Vision is to establish a world of peace, where people and nature live together in harmony. Therefor the NGO was founded in 2010 in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Since then the organization provides in educational (youth) programs but also actively engages in finding practical solutions to solve environmental protections issues. Go Green wants to create a sustainable development not only in Macedonia, but also in countries of their networking partners.