China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) (Beijing)

Fern (Belgium)

Forest restauration and climate change

Both of our organisations are working to promote forest restoration—China Green Carbon Foundation within China, and Fern within Europe as well as outside Europe (because European governments and institutions fund & are likely to increasingly fund even more restoration projects outside of Europe). Both of us are very interested to learn how forest restoration is conducted in the other region.

About the Twinning organizations

China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF), (Beijing)

Founded in 2010, the China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) is the first nation-wide non-profit public funding foundation dedicated to combating climate change by increasing carbon sequestration, especially through forest measures in China. The precursor of the Foundation is China Green Carbon Fund founded in 2007. CGCF raises funds from the whole society to support campaigns and projects for restoring nature ecology.

Fern, (Belgium)

Fern is an NGO, founded in 1992, working to influence EU policy so that it works better for people and forests. Our work aims to promote the protection and restoration of forests, both within and outside the EU. Area of work include forests & climate, where we work to influence EU bioenergy policy to ensure it is not damaging forests, as well as push for the EU to set ambitious climate targets to protect and restore forests in Europe and outside of Europe.