Green Women, (Shanghai)

WECF e.V. Women Engage for a Common Future, (Germany)

Developing gender-sensitive activities around safe energy and sustainable development

Experience exchange on management, organization and needed skills of environmental NGO’s in Europe and China; exploring and developing gender-sensitive business model for steering citizen’s towards decentralized, renewable and safe energy. WECF and Green Women are interested in establishing a platform to transfer and share knowledge and experience between China and Europe. They plan to organize activities and projects around low carbon and sustainable development.


About the Twinning organizations

Green Women, Shanghai

Green Women is a grassroots NGO in Shanghai, which was established in June, 2010. Women’s participation has been the unique label of the NGO. Through a series of low carbon community programs, including the collection and reuse of plastic waste, environmental protection, small garden development and so on. Green Women has attracted more and more family members to build ecological communities. Since 2010, we have organized over 240 environmental activities with no less than eighty thousand participants, and achieved domestic waste source reduction of more than 81 tons.

WECF e.V. Women Engage for a Common Future, Germany

Women Engaged for a Common Future (WECF) is an international network of over 150 women’s and civil society organisations implementing projects in 50 countries and advocating globally to shape a just and sustainable world; our Common Future. WECF was founded and registered following an initiative of European women at the 1992 Earth Summit, to work together for sustainable development and to give a voice and organisation to the “Women Major Group” of Rio Agenda 21. WECF’s philosophy of enabling local project partners and network members to implement projects together, to share experiences within the network and to learn from each other, soon proved to be successful.

The report on the Twinning by Johanna Eichermüller, Inna Muliavka and Wang Han can be found here.