Greenovation Hub (Beijing)

Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) (UK)

Green finance and climate change

The project aims to mainstreaming the fact of climate change in socio-economic discourse, and to shape momentum around key moments of climate change which makes it capable of informing, enabling, and engaging the relevant stakeholders/influencers, including civil organizations, media and academia, policy makers on selected issues around climate and environment governance. Meanwhile, the project will also track the procedure of policy making and implementation, and will contribute to China’s ambition in tackling climate change.

About the Twinning organizations

Greenovation Hub, (Beijing)

Greenovation Hub is an environmental Think-Do organization with a global outlook. Over the past seven years, GHUB has been promoting China to reduce its global footprint via three focus – climate and energy, sustainable finance and China green leadership, based on innovative projects that are fostering a stronger and more impactful environment movement in China. GHUB’s policy work has become a unique convener of cross-sector dialogues, based on solid research capacity and dynamic networks of NGOs, think tanks, media and government officials.

Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), (UK)

E3G is an independent climate change think tank operating to accelerate the global transition to a low carbon economy. E3G are the independent experts on climate diplomacy and energy policy. We build the broad based coalitions necessary to deliver a safe climate, we bring independence to an extremely polarised discussion, and we hold policy makers to account on their promises. E3G works closely with like-minded partners in government, politics, civil society, science, the media, public interest foundations and elsewhere. The core of our capability lies with our diverse, experienced and creative staff. E3G’s staff have experience working on energy, environment, security policy and diplomacy challenges. E3G was founded in 2004 to address the challenge of how to deliver transformational policy change.