Greenovation Hub (Guangzhou)

Esti People to People (Estonia)

Exploring public participation in the fair sharing of clean water and water consumption

The organizations focus on their mutual interest in using workshops and activities for awareness rising on water issues and try to engage in a mutually beneficial cooperation in designing promotionary activities.


About the Twinning organizations

Greenovation Hub (Guangzhou)

Greenovation Hub believes development should be ecological, and only by collaborative effort can environmental problems be solved. The organization supports public participation and joint power of civil society in environmental issues and provides innovation tools to enable public participating in environmental protection, especially for fostering youth power..

Esti People to People, Estonia

Eesti People to People designs and implements training courses and workshops for young people about water consumption and climate change including presentations, lectures, individual, peer and group work, reflection sessions, evaluations and monitoring.


The report on the Twinning by Chen Fan and Pavel Smulski can be found here.