Shanghai International Shipping Institute (Shanghai)

European Federation of Transport & Environment (Belgium)

Air pollution from shipping, decarbonisation of shipping

The shared goal of the twinners is to reduce environmental, human health and climate impact of ship sourced emissions, notably CO2, CH4, SOx, NOx, PM and BC. In order to achieve this, both of them will offer extended access to each other’s network by organizing bilateral meetings. While SISI will mainly take advantage of its network of influential institutes around Shanghai, T&E will facilitate the understanding of SISI in the key regulatory areas of the EU.

About the Twinning organizations

Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI), Shanghai

SISI an international independently non-profit maritime institute which is affiliated to Shanghai Maritime University. It endeavors to contribute its share to China’s maritime industry and Shanghai’s rise as a maritime centre by establishing extensive ties with international maritime organizations, companies and colleges. It also creates a network of top experts via its research platform which track fresh concepts, technologies and trends on the global maritime scene. SISI provides government agencies and industry players with decision-making information and consultation service.

European Federation of Transport & Environment (T&E), Belgium

Transport & Environment’s mission is to promote a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development. Their work is focused on areas where European and global policies have the potential to achieve the greatest environmental benefits. These include transport pricing so that polluters, not society, pay for pollution. They are setting standards for the cleanest possible vehicles and fuels, and greening EU investment in transport. T&E is non-profit and independent, and contributed to a number of high-profile EU policy changes.