Beijing Chaoyang Kangzhong Health and Education Center (Health for All) (Beijing)

Romanian Association Against AIDS (ARAS) (Romania)

HIV/AIDS youth education

An effective method of HIV prevention is raising youth’s awareness of sexually transmitted diseases through health education. We would like to gain a deeper understanding of youth aged 15-24, of their knowledge and attitude toward health behavior and disease prevention through survey and analysis of survey data. We will also compare our research data with current literature from a gender perspective. We will also systematic review and summarize related literature from our partner’s country, and make strategic guidance to youth sexual education. Research on tools and methods, and best practices in prevention and awareness on HIV, Hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections among youth: what is working and how, etc.

About the Twinning organizations

Beijing Chaoyang Kangzhong Health and Education Center (Health for All), (Beijing)

Founded in 2001 and registered under the Beijing Chaoyang bureau of public affairs in 2005, our vision is healthy life for everyone, including the marginalized population. Kangzhong is committed to health prevention education and capacity building of civil society organizations, and promotes the development of information and work networks for civil society organizations, especially for organizations in different development areas to jointly address public health issues, and to share the experience and results of disease prevention and control. We currently have 7 employees. The China HIV/AIDS Information Network, CHAIN, is a project of Kangzhong which focuses on HIV/AIDS, and it is a national AIDS information exchange platform.

Romanian Association Against AIDS (ARAS), (Romania)

Since its foundation in 1992 in Bucharest, the main directions of ARAS activities have been: to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases including HIV, hepatitis B and C and other sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and, more recently, the prevention of tuberculosis (TB); to promote the non-discrimination of persons living with HIV/Hepatitis and of those living at high-risk of infection; to reduce the psychological, medical and social impact of HIV, hepatitis B and C and other STI’s; to increase the capacity of institutions, professionals, and associations for HIV/AIDS affected persons; and to support civil society to adequately answer the specific issues of HIV infection and other STIs. All ARAS activities target the general population but are additionally focused on particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups including: young people; people living with HIV/hepatitis C/TB; people who use drugs; people involved in commercial sex; homeless people; the Roma ethnic minority; LGBTI persons, etc.