P8 (Changsha)

Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (Germany)

Sharing Economy and Co-housing

A sustainable future is a big goal for further engagement not only in Europa but also in China. Due the Twinning Programm 2016 two NGOs had the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of each others similar fields of working. The Chinese organization P8, based in Changsha, and the german Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production are both dealing with issues of utilizing and monetizing idle resources, instance, car and space sharing, co-housing and thereby reducing the environmental footprint and enhancing social justice.

This exchange focused on getting a better understanding of the mutual experiences and to achieve a further network.

Deng Yang – Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Sheng Bo – P8


The exchange between P8 and CSCP focuses on sharing economy,  aiming at jointly contributing to driving sustainable community development powered by sharing economy initiatives (particularly co- housing and co- working). CSCP holds solid theoretical background for driving sharing economy with business and cities in Europe,  while P8 is a leader in prototyping future communities in sharing economy in China.

Supporting the exchange staff to closely work with the exchanging organization, t he twinning program has enabled CSCP and P8 to enhance mutual understanding on both organization s’ experience and compatible approaches to sustainable community development, which lays the foundation for deepening further cooperation.


“After my exchange twinning trip, I will write a sustainable development report for the Broad Town, with the help of my exchange fellow from CSCP and the knowledge I gained during my learning trip in Europe..”

Bo Sheng

 Activities Bo Sheng visiting Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Wuppertal
  • Visiting the European Council in Brussels and the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven
  • Trips to Berlin and Marrakesh and took an active part in workshops related to presentation training, capacity building and climate change.
  • Visiting the EIP-Agri in Brussels and learning about the Europe Innovation Partnership on Agriculture
 Activities Yang Deng visiting P8 in Changsha
  • Exchange with P8 and local communities on sustainable consumption and production.
  • Support strategy development on P8s new Team Company COOP.
  • Gave a Pecha Kucha talk on Sustainable and Good living to over 80 participants from local communities

“CSCP and P8 have reached consensus that the follow-up programme would be a good opportunity for two organizations to prepare for in-depth cooperation based on good mutual understanding. “

Yang Deng

Twinning Report  P8 & Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production

Twinning Experience Presentation  P8 & Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production


About the Twinning organizations

P8, Changsha

P8 is a social enterprise working on testing, prototyping and the up-scaling of sustainable future communities. Its living lab approach combines the “hardware establishment”, including space, architecture, design and construction, with “software development” such as implementation into communities. P8 engages and develops communities by fostering informed interactions, thereby, driving behavioural change. The organisations regularly hosts events concerning sustainable developments and applies different methods of knowledge transfer.

Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Germany

The Collaboration Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) was founded in 2005. CSCP is a well-established organization that focuses on supporting companies and institutions on national as well as international projects in developing strategies on sustainability and their implementation. To that end CSCP cooperates with national and international government bodies, thereby having accumulated vast knowledge and experiences in bringing sustainable development into the fields of politics, societies and economy.