Shenzhen Zero Waste Environmental Public Interest Development Center (Shenzhen)

Energy Justice Association (Romania)

Displaying municipal waste incineration pollution and its impact on communities

In their program the twinning partners focus on exchanging information about the impact of municipal waste incineration on communities. This information will serve them as relevant data for pollution prevention and zero waste strategies in both China and Romania. They will carve out bad practices to avoid as well as positive solutions to implement on individual and community level, and postulate measures that governments or companies should implement.

About the Twinning organizations

Shenzhen Zero Waste Environmental Public Interest Development Center, (Shenzhen)

Shenzhen Zero Waste focuses on chemicals management and rural municipal waste separation promotion and practice. Their daily works include pollution cases intervention, applying for information disclosure, online public education, policy advocating, practicing and studying rural municipal waste separation and preventing open burning and small furnaces especially in rural areas. One of the cofounders already participated in our EU-China twinning project in 2014.

Energy Justice Association, (Romania)

Energy Justice Romania Association coordinates a network of non-governmental organizations, informal groups and individuals who support communities threatened by polluting and destructive waste management practices such as incineration, Waste to Energy and landfills. They are actively involved in enhancing their long-term resilience by promoting and encouraging alternative solutions. Energy Justice Association presents the holistic image of the energy and waste management sector with a focus on combating “dirty” technologies promoted by industry as “clean”.