South-Nord Institute for Sustainable Development (Beijing)

Change Partnership (Belgium)

“One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) Initiative and Climate Change

This project is vital to connecting China and Europe and it will represent the cornerstone of future cooperations between the two regions in the next decades. Both exchange partners believe that their shared focus and expertise on clean energy, climate change and low-carbon technologies would represent a solid basis for a meaningful cooperation in analyzing impacts and opportunities in the implementation of the OBOR projects.



About the Twinning organizations

South-Nord Institute for Sustainable SNISD, Beijing

The South-North Institute for Sustainable Development (SNISD), founded 1998, is a Chinese non-profit think & do tank with its mission to promote environmental protection and sustainable development in China and the Asia Pacific region, through international exchanges and cooperation. Over the past two decades focusing on clean energy, climate change, low-carbon and protected areas, as well as local community development and etc. SNISD has been strongly committed to addressing issues of public and government concerns through science-based and cross-sectoral approaches and in a collaborative manner.

Change Partnership, Belgium

Change Partnership is a not-for-profit think tank and activist organisation seeking to solve the political difficulties surrounding the climate change topic and to facilitate the transition to a clean, secure as well as prosperous world. Change Partnership creates innovative policy and political solutions as well as organising decision-makers in governments, business and civil society to ensure real change is achieved.

The report on the Twinning by Arianna Americo and Dr. Ge Xingfang can be found here.