Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development, (Beijing) &

Youth Included, (Czech Republic)

Inclusion of migrants in environmental protection and education

Both China and Czechia face many environmental challenges. Pollution (air, water, and land pollution) and energy shortages are threatening the sustainability of communities. Both countries experienced a raise in population in the recent years. In China, migrant workers move from underdeveloped rural areas to cities, while in Czechia international migrants are settling to find a new home. The exchange partner’s aim is to explore how they can share their practices and environmental work with these groups.


About the Twinning organizations

Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development, Beijing

Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development (Evergreen) is a non-governmental organization that actively practices and promotes sustainable development while focusing on the healthy development of children. Furthermore, Evergreen’s areas of work include sustainable development education, research and international exchange.

Youth Included, Czech Republic

Youth Included is a non-governmental organization, functioning as an open-space for young people who want to know more about people and cultures, learn new things and share their skills, inspire and be inspired. Youth Included believes that the youth is the key to building the future, therefore we all should give them the tools for education, raise their awareness in regards to the dangers of xenophobia and discrimination, show them the diversity of the World and point out the positive effects of intercultural interactions.

The report on the Twinning by Ekaterina Kokkalou and Xu Hangyu can be found here.