2017 “Social and Environmental Justice” Twinner

South-Nord Institute for Sustainable Development (Beijing)
Change Partnership (Belgium)

“One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) Initiative and Climate Change

This project is vital to connecting China and Europe and it will represent the cornerstone of future cooperations between the two regions in the next decades. Both exchange partners believe that their shared focus and expertise on clean energy, climate change and low-carbon technologies would represent a solid basis for a meaningful cooperation in analyzing impacts and opportunities in the implementation of the OBOR projects.



Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (Hong Kong)
WWF Wadden Sea Office (Germany)

Environmental education and awareness raising as a critical factor for long term conservation of coastal wetlands

The exchange, with a special focus on coastal birds, will provide insight into approaches of bird-related activities and rescources thus contributing to awareness raising and conservation both in the Wadden Sea and Hong Kong/China.


Guangzhou Yuexiu District Nurturing Relationship Education Support Centre NRC (Guangzhou)
Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK (Macedonia)

Disability, gender and sexuality

The significance of the topic providing direct support to people and children with disabilities and continue advocacy towards decision makers and service providers to better fulfill the needs of people with disabilities.


Greenovation Hub (Guangzhou)
Esti People to People (Estonia)

Exploring public participation in the fair sharing of clean water and water consumption

The organizations focus on their mutual interest in using workshops and activities for awareness rising on water issues and try to engage in a mutually beneficial cooperation in designing promotionary activities.


Green Women, Shanghai
WECF e.V. Women Engage for a Common Future, Germany

Developing gender-sensitive activities around safe energy and sustainable development

Experience exchange on management, organization and needed skills of environmental NGO’s in Europe and China; exploring and developing gender-sensitive business model for steering citizen’s towards decentralized, renewable and safe energy. WECF and Green Women are interested in establishing a platform to transfer and share knowledge and experience between China and Europe. They plan to organize activities and projects around low carbon and sustainable development.


Evergreen Center for Sustainable Development, Beijing &
Youth Included, Czech Republic

Inclusion of migrants in environmental protection and education

Both China and Czechia face many environmental challenges. Pollution (air, water, and land pollution) and energy shortages are threatening the sustainability of communities. Both countries experienced a raise in population in the recent years. In China, migrant workers move from underdeveloped rural areas to cities, while in Czechia international migrants are settling to find a new home. The exchange partner’s aim is to explore how they can share their practices and environmental work with these groups.


Eco Canton (Guangzhou)
Zero Waste Europe (Belgium)

Waste management

Spreading the understanding that waste is only the tip of the iceberg of a number of environmental and social issues. Therefore work on waste issues means as well working on climate change, food waste, air pollution, plastic pollution and other critical subtopics for both organizations.