Dinghaiqiao Co-operative Society (Shanghai)

Büdchen am Nikolausplatz (Germany)

Support of marginalized groups, waste prevention, bringing people together

The focus of their exchange lies in social justice and group building projects on a wide scale. Topics include the victims of urbanization and neoliberalism, as well as closing the gap between different generations. They also deal with waste prevention by exploring a reciprocal way of living and informing the people about little steps to take action.

About the Twinning organizations

Dinghaiqiao Co-operative Society, (Shanghai)

Dinghaiqiao, located in a historical working-class neighbourhood with a new and vibrant migrant population in Shanghai, is a self-organised group and physical place for learning, proposing, inviting, reflecting, organising and creatively working together. By exploring ways of gathering and producing art/knowledge, it pursues interaction, assistance, and cooperation with neighbours and friends under the guiding principle of reciprocity. Its daily activities include talks, guided tours, publications, locally cooked dinners, residencies, screenings, and inter-city exchanges.

Büdchen am Nikolausplatz, (Germany)

Büdchen am Nikolausplatz is a kiosk based in the neighborhood of Sülz in the city of Cologne. On weekends they organize cultural and civic activities, such as planting flowers, music concerts, painting and cultural activities for neighbors, kids, families, and the elderly. While they address local issues and interests of the neighbors, they are also open for everyone who is interested in visiting them, contributing to their activities and taking part in them. They connect people and create a space for exchange, by bilduing a community of neighbors, breaking the anonymity of a big city, and creating new connections between people.