Ruilian Kaizhou Development Center of Social Work (Hohhot)

Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance (IRSE) (Poland)

Youth education and community development

During the exchange programme,firstly we plan to involve the exchange fellow into the ongoing projects of the institution, especially the project in the field of youth and children. Secondly, we will conduct regular workshops and seminars on the theme of non-formal education, which enable the institutions related to the group of youth and children to fully share the experience of the other institution from Poland, to promote local development of non-formal education and provide communication fellow with an opportunity to understand local youth and children.

About the Twinning organizations

Ruilian Kaizhou Development Center of Social Work, (Shenzhen)

Hohhot Ruilian Kaizhou Development Center of Social Work, which was established in December 2014, is a non-profit social service organization registered in Hohhot Civil Affairs Bureau. The organization is commited to fairness, justice, participation and mutual assistance, and provides professional social services and policy support for Hohhot. Through the joint efforts of the team members in recent years, the organization has undertaken 28 government projects and accumulated funds of more than ¥5 million. In the development process of the institution, a total of four brand businesses were formed: social organization incubation, grade evaluation, life education and Satir workshop. The organization is currently operating the Hohhot Social Organization Innovation Service Base.

Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance (IRSE), (Poland)

The mission of the Foundation Institute for Social-Economic Balance is to promote an inclusive society that has the ability to use the potential of all the people by developing non-formal education. IRSE creates a space for dialogue, exchange of views and experiences focused on the development of social and civic activity of all social groups and institutions working in this area. Activities provide by IRSE focused on three areas: 1. Development of local communities; 2. Non-formal education for children, youth and adults; 3. Intercultural and global education.