Eco Canton (Guangzhou)

Zero Waste Europe (Belgium)

Waste management

Spreading the understanding that waste is only the tip of the iceberg of a number of environmental and social issues. Therefore work on waste issues means as well working on climate change, food waste, air pollution, plastic pollution and other critical subtopics for both organizations.


About the Twinning organizations

Eco Canton, Guangzhou

Eco Canton is a non-profit non-enterprise environmental organization, which is focusing on household waste, waste classification and management, formally registered in 2012. We are also one of the initial institution of China Zero Waste Alliance. Eco Canton has cooperated with the government, enterprises, communities and other environmental organizations successfully to explore and practice a sustainable solution to address the waste crisis. We are pushing the government to implement the relevant waste policies through policy advocacy, raising public awareness and participation in solving the city waste problem. Our vision is “A future of zero waste; an era of green citizens; a livable and ecofriendly Canton”.

Zero Waste Europe, Brussels

Zero Waste Europe’s mission is to empower communities and change agents from around Europe to redesign their relationship with rescources, adapt their lifestyle, consumption patterns and engage with the circular community. Zero Waste Europe is both a knowledge network with more than 20 groups in 15 countries across Europe, and an advocacy group, representing active communities in countries across the EU. The organization supports local groups with independent knowledge and steamlined tools to drive change more efficiently, structure the movement  internationally to better reprensent the interests of our communities across the EU and engage policy makers with a unified voice. Zero Waste Europe wants to re-design our society so that all superfluous waste is emiliminated and everything that is produced can be re-used, repaired composted or recycled back into the system.

The report on the Twinning by Danuta Chodakowska and Huang Liying can be found here.