Chengdu Roots & Shoots (Chengdu)

Zöld Kör / Green Circle (Hungary)

Comparing different systems of waste management, raising people’s awareness and advocate green policies

In this exchange program, the organizations will compare and analyze their different systems of waste management. Furthermore they will work with local communities and jointly start programs of environmental education for school and the public. In order to learn more about waste management in practice,  they are searching for dialogue with local people.

About the Twinning organizations

Chengdu Roots & Shoots, Chengdu

Roots & Shoots is a global environmental organization initiated by Dr. Jane Goodall, an international famous scientist, to encourage and nurture the youth to take action to care for the environment, animals and communities. Since entering Chengdu in 2003, the organization with its volunteers has held a wide range of activities in Sichuan to encourage more people to care about the environment and to take actions to improve the environment. Chengdu Roots & Shoots has launched various projects with the schools, enterprises, universities, government departments, individuals and other sectors of the community.

Zold Kör / Green Circle, Hungary

Zöld Kör see their mission in laying down the foundations of a living, livable, and sustainable future. Their tools are active environmental and conservational work by using the methods of awareness raising and partnership building. When their NGO first started in 1991, they mainly worked on environmental education campaigns and conservational activities around their town Hajdúböszörmény. Nowadays, they are also involved in wider projects focused on environmental protection, consumer protection, area development and ecotourism. Programs to strengthen community and public participation are also on their agenda. Zöld Kör is well-connected beyond the Hungarian borders and part of the international network “Friends of the Earth.”