2013 Twinning Reports

Chee Productions and Berlin Massive e.V.

Chee Productions & Berlin Massive

Zhiqi Yang, Chee Productions/Guangzhou, China

Akim Walta, Berlin Massive e.V./Berlin, Germany


Chee Productions and Berlin Massive both are non-profit organizations operating in the field of urban youth cultures and already have successfully implemented several projects in the past. Despite their joint activities cooperation still proves to be a recurring challenge. This is especially due to the lack of understanding of each others’ working environment and logistic problems. The Twinning program gave the two organizations the unique opportunity to better understand each others’ working background and working procedures – without the usual pressure of time.

Participants’ Report

EU-China NGO Twinning participant Michael Bender at the Panlong River Walk Event

Yunnan Environment Development Institute & GRÜNE LIGA e.V.

Liu Yun, Yunnan Environment Development Institute/Kunming, China

Michael Bender, GRÜNE LIGA e.V./Berlin,Germany

GRÜNE LIGA e.V and the Yunnan Environment Development Institute’s partnership is a newly established one. Their exchange aims at a better understanding of each other’s working environment, but also at fostering a better understanding and application of safe water utilization and application of holistic technologies and methods in China and Europe.

 Participants’ Report 

Twinning participants Pieter Jansen (Both ENDS) and Chen Yu (Green Watershed) visit one of the two power plants outside Pristina financed by the World Bank and a nearby affected village Green Watershed & BothENDS

Yu Chen, Green Watershed, Kunming/China

Pieter Jansen, BothENDS, Amsterdam/Netherlands

Green Watershed and BothENDS share the mission of calling for and promoting a responsible sustainable role of both international and Chinese investors, especially financial institutions, in the development both in and out of China. For them the exchange of two members of staff was an attempt to explore possibilities for working together in feeding back the realities of local people and the environment into the debates and decision-making processes of Boards of international and Chinese financial institutions.

Participants’ Report

Hunan Aimier & Chickenshed Twinning participants Dave Carey and Charlie Kemp (Chickenshed) holding a train-the trainer workshop with their Chinese partner organization Hunan Aimier

Dave Carey/Charlie Kemp, Chickenshed, London/UK

Chen Jiexia, Hunan Aimier, Changsha/China

Chickenshed and Hunan Aimier both aim to access previously excluded groups into mainstream activities. The objective of the exchange was to was improve their cooperation in providing inclusive theatre workshops in China. They worked on train-the-trainer programs, professional workshop models and performances and also  used the exchange to deepen ties and transfer of Know-how.

Participants’ Report


Public Interest and Development Law Institute & The Rights Practice

Ding Peng, PIDLI/Wuhan, China

Tim Millar, The Rights Practice/London, UK

The Public Interest and Development Law Institute Wuhan and The Rights Practice’ cooperation on public interest law and legal is already well established. However, the several week long work-and-study stages gave members of their staff the opportunity for personal encounter, a better understanding of each other’s working environment as well as the opportunity for joint work on common projects. Both partners wished to explore NPO management in the area of criminal justice. They wanted to understand operations and practical functioning of the others’ NPO as well as concrete operations of the criminal justice system in the others’ area. They also aimed to use the exchange as a valuable networking opportunity and enable the participants to train in legal and cultural matters.

Participants’ Report