As the second Chinese exchange fellow Liu Yun from the “Yunnan Environmental Development Institute” (YEDI) started her work-and-study-stage at the Berlin NGO “Grüne Liga”. The exchange aims at fostering a better understanding and application of holistic and sustainable solutions in the context of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The two NGOs have started cooperating on safe water utilization and protection in China and Europe. During her first days in Germany Liu Yun has attended several workshops on this topic and gained insight into the work of European water protection NGOs.

She attended a Flood Protection Seminar that GRÜNE LIGA held together with the NGO Waternet of the Province of Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg, where she got the chance to exchange and network with different people from administration, NGOs and the academia.

She also attended a workshop by the joint interdisciplinary project “InfraWass” on sustainable development solutions for water management in Leipzig.

In Bremen Liu Yun got the chance to meet with Mrs. Kerstin Dahlberg from Bremen Federal and European affairs department development cooperation division – an important opportunity to gain some insight and understanding of how German NGOs cooperate with different levels of government an how they view the importance of NGO work.