On behalf of the Stiftung Asienhaus and the EU-China NGO Twinning Exchange

we would like to invite you to the following workshop:

Tackling common issues: Chinese and European NGOs working on bank monitoring, zero-waste, agriculture, chemical safety, climate change, and NGO-training

October 22nd 2014, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Location: Brot für die Welt, Caroline-Michaelis-Str.1, 10115 Berlin, Room Christian Berg 0.K.06

During this workshop the Chinese and European participants of this year’s second round of NGO Twinning exchange will introduce their organizations and common work focus. They will also present the results of their cooperation and reflect on the impact of the exchanges.

Seminar Agenda:


If you would like to particpate, please register with inga.gebauer@asienhaus.de