Our Twinners made the news

Under the title “The Mudflat is Connecting Worlds” two of the twinners 2017, Anja Szczesinski from WWF and Vivian Fu from Hong Kong Birdwatch Society, appeared in the July 14 issue of the Husumer News. In the article, Vivian and Anja reflect on their experiences made during the EU-China Twinning workshop, which took place in Hamburg this year. As it turns out, even though their workplaces lay almost 8000 km apart, the North Frisian mudflat and China’s yellow sea have a lot in common. Likewise, Anja and Vivian were excited about how much they could learn from each other, for instance in the field of bird census. Together, they are looking forward to a cooperative future and the next Twinning workshop, which will take place a few week from now, but this time in Sanya, China.

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