Heretofore unheard of, a twinning pair decided to organize a follow up to their follow up. Antoaneta Pophlebarova from Balkan Kids Bulgaria and Yao Zhilu formerly of Lingnan Partner Community Centre, who twinned in 2016 and did a follow up in 2017, continued their successful partnership in May 2018 with a 3rd visit of Tony in China.

The two specialists on sexual education have by now organized trainings for more than 800 people in this field which is still riddled with taboos both in China and Bulgaria. Their training courses and events have not only garnered the attention of universities and think tanks but also those of party cadres and departments of health care and prevention.

The results of the twinning and 2017’s follow up impressed the leaders of the Institute of Prevention of Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Guangzhou so much, that they decided to invite Antoaneta to return to China and, together with Zhilu, perform a 3-day-training seminar for social workers from the health department and activists of the Guangzhou Youth Net. Joining the trainer team this time is also a participant of the 2017 follow up who shows great promise in continuing this excellent twinner pair’s legacy.



Stiftung Asienhaus and the Robert Bosch Foundation are gratified to be able to support this 2nd follow up and wish Tony and Zhilu continued luck in their endeavors.