2019 “Climate Change and Low Carbon Development” Twinners

SEE Foundation (Beijing)
Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) (Germany)

Low carbon development and climate change

Both our organisations have a strong focus on climate change and low carbon development, especially on joining up international and local climate actions, and leveraging the potential for sustainable development in the private sector. Climate Change is one of the most severe challenges facing all mankind. The businesses sector, industry associations, environmental NGOs, research institutions, media, and government should take actions to address climate change to jointly build a sustainable and brighter future.

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Laukai Conservation (Guangzhou)
Center for Environment (CZZS) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Water source protection

Topics of exchange.

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Greenovation Hub (Beijing)
Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) (UK)

Green finance and climate change

The project aims to mainstreaming the fact of climate change in socio-economic discourse, and to shape momentum around key moments of climate change which makes it capable of informing, enabling, and engaging the relevant stakeholders/influencers, including civil organizations, media and academia, policy makers on selected issues around climate and environment governance. Meanwhile, the project will also track the procedure of policy making and implementation, and will contribute to China’s ambition in tackling climate change.

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Coshare Environment (Taiyuan)
Grüne Liga (Germany)

Water sustainability and environmental education

With a common goal to abate the pressure of river ecology efficientely and promote water sustainability, both organizations would like to contribute to this goal collaboratively and develop a program to facilate future cooperation on it from both areas. During the exchange, two organizations would like to foucs on building an effective model or develop a program to promote river and water protection. We would communicate on “Fen River Partner Plan” and the adoption the format of River Film Festival for river protection work in China. We would plan to hold River Film Festival in the future and the EU exchange organization GRÜNE LIGA e.V. would join the program of “Fen River Partner Program” as a long time partner and advisor.

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China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) (Beijing)
Fern (Belgium)

Forest restauration and climate change

Both of our organisations are working to promote forest restoration—China Green Carbon Foundation within China, and Fern within Europe as well as outside Europe (because European governments and institutions fund & are likely to increasingly fund even more restoration projects outside of Europe). Both of us are very interested to learn how forest restoration is conducted in the other region.

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