2019 “Social and Environmental Justice” Twinners

Yunnan Green Development Foundation (YGF) (Kunming)
GenderCC (Germany)

Gender, urbanity and community development

Topics related to the Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI) are the ones GenderCC would like to focus on for the exchange programme, given the project’s multi-level (city, country and global level), crosscutting (gender and climate change) and the original GAMMA methodology (please see below about the project description). The exchange is thus a unique opportunity to collaborate with YGF and design further approaches based on our mutual fields of expertise, including climate and environmental protection, low-carbon urban development and community sustainable development.

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Shanshui Conservation Center (Beijing)
Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz NRW (Germany)

Climate change adaptation and environmental education

Climate change is accepted to be a basic fact in most areas, while the impact varies from region to region. People with different cultural settings and individual background hold different perspectives in the climate issue, which decided their adaptation actions and effectiveness. It is worth learning the influense factors to get better response in climate change, and also worth trying to get experiences by comparing different locations in different cultural settings and level of development.

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Ruilian Kaizhou Development Center of Social Work (Hohhot)
Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance (IRSE) (Poland)

Youth education and community development

During the exchange programme,firstly we plan to involve the exchange fellow into the ongoing projects of the institution, especially the project in the field of youth and children. Secondly, we will conduct regular workshops and seminars on the theme of non-formal education, which enable the institutions related to the group of youth and children to fully share the experience of the other institution from Poland, to promote local development of non-formal education and provide communication fellow with an opportunity to understand local youth and children.

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Luohu Social Innovation Center (Laotu) (Shenzhen)
Waldkindergarten Eichhörnchen (Germany)

Environmental education for children and community development

We would like to exchange on the different methods and practices of environmental education, spe-cifically forest education, with children and adults in Germany and China. Waldkindergarden Eichhörnchen and Laotu are both leading organizations of environmental education in their respective countries. Through our previous meeting in Germany, we found that Waldkindergarden Eichhörnchen has developed some of the best education models which could be practiced worldwide. Our research and work experience in China also showed that, Chinese children and young adults are especially lacking opportunity to experience nature, and this need could be met by introducing forest education from Waldkindergarden Eichhörnchen.

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Beijing Chaoyang Kangzhong Health and Education Center (Health for All) (Beijing)
Romanian Association Against AIDS (ARAS) (Romania)

HIV/AIDS youth education

An effective method of HIV prevention is raising youth’s awareness of sexually transmitted diseases through health education. We would like to gain a deeper understanding of youth aged 15-24, of their knowledge and attitude toward health behavior and disease prevention through survey and analysis of survey data. We will also compare our research data with current literature from a gender perspective. We will also systematic review and summarize related literature from our partner’s country, and make strategic guidance to youth sexual education. Research on tools and methods, and best practices in prevention and awareness on HIV, Hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections among youth: what is working and how, etc.

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Green City Environmental and Cultural Development Center (Guangzhou)
Südwind (Austria)

Environmental education

We see two main goals for our exchange - on the one hand to get to know each other's organisation and learn more about each others work, objectives and struggles, on the other hand to create a sustainable partnership and keep in touch for possible future projects and experience exchange.

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China Electronics Standardization Association (CESA) (Beijing)
Powershift (Germany)

Corporate social responsibility and supply chain due diligence

CESA and PowerShift work on corporate social responsibility and due diligence in the supply chain from shared as well as different perspectives. During the exchange, CESA and PowerShift will gain a deep understanding of each others positions regarding these topics as well as exchange views on how to introduce due diligence to ministries/politics, companies, and the public.

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