Goals of the Twinning Exchange


Ambassadors of Civil Society


Through the exchange, both organizations will be gaining competent and internationally experienced staff. The participants will become multipliers and ambassadors of participation concepts and more effective ways of getting involved in social, ecological and political developments in both regions.

Cross-regional EU-China Civil Society Networks

This exchange program will strengthen network building and alliances between Chinese and European organizations. The exchange fellows will be able to gain first-hand experience about the working environment and projects in the partner organization. They will also establish personal contact with the staff in the partner organization and thus will be able to support cooperation and partnerships. 

Capacity Building

Benefits from Exchange with Chinese NGOs

Chinese and European NGOs will get important insights into each others working methods – from the development of organizations, project design, public relations and best practices to general concepts of civil society development and public participation. They will be provided with important information on environmental and social topics in the respective country. The exchange program supports professionalization and internationalization and enables organizations from both regions to develop joint visions for a better future.

Information on Chinese Civil Society

With China’s growing international importance, a long list of global issues can not be tackled without the involvement of the world’s largest nation. From climate change, environmental protection, fair trade and production to sustainable tourism – European and Chinese civil society organizations have a lot of common working focuses, but European NGOs often lack access to information and know-how on engagement in Chinese civil society. The NGO exchange will enable the missing information on Chinese developments to channel directly into important multiplier organizations in Europe.

Tim and Ding PengBetter Mutual Understanding

European exchange participants will gain a better understanding of the chances and problems in China’s civil society. Chinese exchange fellows will obtain a better understanding of civil society structures in Europe, of the role and functions of non-profit organizations in the region. Participants from both regions may also develop new perspectives regarding their own country.