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Theater and LGBT Workshop in Chengdu

Our twinner from the Netherlands, Els Schutmann (Forum Theater Enschede) only got to China recently – and already co-organized a workshop together with her Chinese partner Qian Li (Chengdu Storyteller). Alongside the participants of the workshop, most of whom work voluntarily with children, Els wanted to establish an environment of creativity, in which the young adults could play, observe and also learn from and with each other.

Therefor she introduced several games and plots that are popular methods for the work with children. To learn more about the recent workshop, also check out the website of the Chengdu Storyteller here.

Anhui Hefei Qingwei Health Center & Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. 2018

Anhui Hefei Qingwei Health Center (Anhui)
Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. (Germany)

HIV prevention and control, focused on young people

The focus of their exchange lies on learning new approaches, aims and projects in the field of HIV-prevention and control. In China, AIDS infections are in a stage of growth, especially among gay people. From a perspective of Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe the exploration of pre-exposition prophylaxes (PrEP) is of special interest, as the strategy is way more common in China as in Germany.

Chengdu Storyteller & Forum Theater 2018

Chengdu Storyteller Social Work Service Center (Chengdu)
Forum Theater Enschede (Netherlands)

Support of marginalized groups, waste prevention, bringing people together

The focus of their exchange lies in social justice and group building projects on a wide scale. Topics include the victims of urbanization and neoliberalism, as well as closing the gap between different generations. They also deal with waste prevention by exploring a reciprocal way of living and informing the people about little steps to take action.

Lingnan Partner Community Support Centre (Guangzhou) & BalkanKids Foundation (Bulgaria)

Lingnan Partner Community Support Centre (Guangzhou)
BalkanKids Foundation (Bulgaria)

Sexual Education and Technology Addiction Prevention for Marginalized Youth

The education of young adults, especially underprivileged and abandoned youth has been the focus of the Balkan Kids Foundation from Varna, Bulgaria for many years. In the Lingnan Partner Community Centre they have found an organization specializing in sexual education of the same target group.

This exchange focuses on new innovative outreach strategies in youth education.