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Sichuan Green Foundation & Go Green 2018

Sichuan Green Foundation (Sichuan)
Go Green (Macedonia)

China’s national carbon market, low carbon in cities, sustainable forest management, community-based projected area management

One major part of this project is to launch workshops related to China’s national carbon market in order to learn from each other’s practices on carbon footprint and compensation measures (SROI/CSR) and the advocacy work. The twinning organizations also look forward to cooperate in the Chengdu pilot project of low-carbon cities, as well as in the field of sustainable forest management in order to establish carbon sinks. Another common area is community-based protected area management, e.g. in context of resource management.

Shenzhen Zero Waste Environmental Public Interest Development Center & Energy Justice Association 2018

Shenzhen Zero Waste Environmental Public Interest Development Center (Shenzhen)
Energy Justice Association (Romania)

Displaying municipal waste incineration pollution and its impact on communities

In their program the twinning partners focus on exchanging information about the impact of municipal waste incineration on communities. This information will serve them as relevant data for pollution prevention and zero waste strategies in both China and Romania. They will carve out bad practices to avoid as well as positive solutions to implement on individual and community level, and postulate measures that governments or companies should implement.

Green Women (Shanghai) & Women Engage for a Common Future (Germany)

Green Women, Shanghai
WECF e.V. Women Engage for a Common Future, Germany

Developing gender-sensitive activities around safe energy and sustainable development

Experience exchange on management, organization and needed skills of environmental NGO’s in Europe and China; exploring and developing gender-sensitive business model for steering citizen’s towards decentralized, renewable and safe energy. WECF and Green Women are interested in establishing a platform to transfer and share knowledge and experience between China and Europe. They plan to organize activities and projects around low carbon and sustainable development.